Access to National Financial System and Capital Markets

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Access to National Financial System and Capital Markets.

Access to National Financial System, Capital and Insurance Markets

Constitution and authorization to operate for Financial Institutions and other institutions authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil, Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil, Superintendence of Private Insurance and other regulatory bodies;

Corporate reorganization, such as the corporate object, constitution or cancelling of the banking operational portfolio;

Merger, Split or Incorporation;

Authorization to change financial institutions corporate control, as well direct or indirect alterations in control group which may lead to change in the effective management of the business;

Operations authorization, control changes and corporate reorganization of IP - Payment Institutions;

Incorporation of Payment Scheme Sponsor;

Financial Institutions Incorporation and Authorization and other institutions authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil, change of Corporate Control, involving individuals and legal entities in the country or abroad as interested party, as well the administrative procedure follow-up, pursuant to Presidential Decrees that recognizes as Brazilian Government interest the non-residents foreign participation in Financial Institutions subject to foreign investment.

Prepare of sustained justification for the intended business, explaining the importance of the project to Brazilian economy and to the National Financial System development in the form of products and services to be offered, technologies aggregation, competition enhancement, among others;

Business plan with financial, market and operational plans;

Executive summary with business plan including the related purpose;

Shareholders or quota holders’ agreements including the definition of the controlling group, if applicable;

Preparation of other documents, authorizations and declarations required for access to National Financial System.