About Us

A JL Rodrigues, Carlos Átila & Associated Consultants was born from the union of professionals with relevant experience in National Financial System and Capital Market, as well in technical relation with regulatory bodies.

A Empresa é uma consultoria especializada no atendimento a empresas e instituições financeiras brasileiras e estrangeiras que atuam ou pretendam atuar no ambiente que envolve o Sistema Financeiro Nacional e o Mercado de Capitais ou, em atividades relacionadas, a exemplo dos arranjos e instituições de pagamentos, Fintechs de crédito, consórcios e, em outros modelos de negócios ligados ao Sistema de Pagamentos Brasileiro, tais como as Infraestruturas de Mercado.

The company reunites a relevant clients history and, for each presented case, promotes a technical approach to make possible each project taken to the analysis of Central Bank of Brazil - BCB, The Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil – CVM, Superintendence of Private Insurance – SUSEP and other regulatory bodies, based on the correct legislation and rules adherence.

His key focus is the client representation before regulatory bodies, in order to adopt effective solutions in administrative, institutional, regulatory and accounting areas that preserve the client’s legitimate economic, financial and commercial interests.

His key focus is the client representation before regulatory bodies, in order to adopt effective solutions in administrative, institutional, regulatory and accounting areas that preserve the client’s legitimate economic, financial and commercial interests.

Our Partners

José Luiz Rodrigues

Name Partner

Graduate Degree in Accounting Sciences, his career began in 1970 at BCN S/A (National Credit Bank). In the period he was at the bank, he occupied the positions of accountant, department head, division’s head, general representative and executive officer, position he held for ten years, until the moment of his departure, when chose to set up the Consulting firm.

Occupied many other functions, such as: advisor of FEBRABAN - The Brazilian Federation of Banks – representative; Council Member of the National Financial System Appeals Council – CRSFN; president of the Banks Association from the Federal District – ASSBAN for three consecutive terms, Board member of the Brasília Bank – BRB; member of TELECOMS board; member of the Advisory Board of CETIP and member of the Advisor Board from ABFintechs – Brazilian Fintechs Association, position that he holds until the present data.

Isabel Bernardo Borges


Graduate Degree in Communication and Journalism, she began his career at BCN – National Credit Bank, where she occupied the position of assistant in Institutional Relationship Board for thirteen years.

Co-founder of JL Rodrigues, she is specialized in Government relationship, with ability on planning and development of strategies and communication plans; research development; production and content review; and event organization. Coordinate the follow up from projects made by the Consulting firm in the legislative ambit.

Ricardo de Souza e Silva


Co-founder of JL Rodrigues, Law graduate degree, with specialization in Banking Regulation and Economic and Companies Law at FGV – Getúlio Vargas Foundation, he began his career at BCN – National Credit Bank.

Former Head of Legal at the Banks Association from the Federal District – ASSBAN and Legal Counsel for the Representative Council Member appointed by FEBRABAN in the CRSFN.

Valdir Pereira

Consultor associado

Advogado. Professor do INSPER Direito (LLM e LLC) e da Saint Paul Escola de Negócios (Certificates e MBA).

Profissional com sólida experiência e formação acadêmica em regulação e direito do mercado financeiro e de capitais. Doutor em Direito Comercial pela USP e LLM pela London School of Economics - LSE como bolsista Chevening Awards.

Experiência profissional em bancos, bolsa, escritório de advocacia, clearing house e central depositária. Atuação como Ombudsman da BM&FBOVESPA e B3.

Formação em Compliance (Cursos de Educação Executiva do INSPER em Compliance e Gestão de Compliance e no Institute for U.S. Law de Washington (George Washington University) em International Compliance) e conhecimentos de proteção de dados pessoais (LGPD e GDPR) com certificação internacional pela IAPP: CIPP/E



1Is JL Rodrigues a Law Firm?
Não. A JL Rodrigues é uma sociedade multiprofissional composta por administradores, advogados, contadores, economistas e jornalistas, todos especializados em regulação do Sistema Financeiro Nacional e do Mercado de Capitais, com amplo conhecimento dos serviços e produtos bancários e investimentos e de instituições e arranjos de pagamentos. Ela está preparada para participar do projeto de seus clientes desde a decisão de investimento e do tipo de instituição mais adequada aos negócios existentes ou pretendidos, até a efetiva autorização para funcionamento e instalação;
2What is JL Rodrigues expertise?
JL Rodrigues is a Consulting firm specialized in regulation, self-regulation, supervision, organization and access to the National Financial System and Capital Market, including Market infrastructure, especially involving the registry and assets deposit and financial liabilities and integrations with the Brazilian Payment System;
3Does JL Rodrigues carry out audits?
No, the Consulting firm does not carry out any kind of audit; we indicate partners specialized in this kind of service, follow the process and give opinion about the accounting matters, if applicable;
4Does JL Rodrigues carry out Due Diligences??
No, the Consulting firm does not carry out due diligences; we indicate partners specialized in this kind of service, follow the process and give opinion about the accounting matters, if applicable;
5Does JL Rodrigues prepare business plans?
The Consulting firm guides and follows up the preparation of the business plans requested by the regulatory bodies as part of the necessary documentation for the applications that involve constitution, authorization to operate, control alterations and corporate reorganizations from institutions authorized to operate by BCB, and work in partnership with specialized professionals in preparing those business plans;
6How is the work of JL Rodrigues in the scope of National Congress of Brazil?
The Consulting firm monitors legislative matters in the National Congress, informs the client ahead of the facts, occurrences and follows up of the projects and advises on the most adequate technical approach, whether it is for amendment protocol, meetings with representatives from the client´s sector (class entities), meetings with the regulatory bodies, in which the projects are linked, in order to give an opinion about the subject that is being deliberated, warn about the legal imperfections that might bring prejudice to economy sector of which the client belongs;
7What are Institutional Relations?

The relationship between companies and the Government, in the ambit of the Executive and Legislative powers, Prosecutors and Costumer defense bodies, regulatory bodies, class entities and society, in order to include those companies and its managers in the political and social environment through the dialogue between the interlocutors.

Specially in Financial and Capital Markets, where the technological evolutions from the operational and business models happen in dynamic way, maintaining good communication with the regulatory bodies is vital for the development and maintenance of a secure and regulated environment;v

8How has JL Rodrigues been following the evolution and the regulation of the Credit Fintechs?
JL Rodrigues supports the growing of this market and understands that the regulation presented by BCB brought necessary legal security to the segment, allowing the competition growth between the financial institutions – and with that, the reduction of interest rates charged on lending transactions – and the increase in the opportunities of the economic agents to credit market and, especially, increased and improved the end costumer access to credit and financial services. The Name Partner of JL Rodrigues is a Council member of ABFintechs – Brazilian Association of Fintechs, what makes the Consulting firm inserted in this environment in an active way. Our understanding is that there are a lot of space for new products, new operational models, but we understand that everything must be treated in a regulated environment;
9How can JL Rodrigues contribute with the Contracting Institutions Compliance? Compliance das instituições contratantes?
JL Rodrigues can act in the application of best accounting practices, improving the internal controls and services, observing the rules brought by the BCB and in the interpretation of rules issued by the regulatory bodies, in order to minimize the regulatory, accounting, fiscal and operational risks impact;
10Does JL contribute to the development of clients´ business?
Yes, JL Rodrigues acts actively on improving and developing of products and services, based on the correct adherence to legislation and standards or proposing regulatory adjustments that enable new products and services, increasing and monetizing the business of its clients;
11Does JL Rodrigues work with other associated companies?
Yes, the Consulting firm has partnerships with well-known market professionals, coming from both financial market and public service. Good examples are Infra Soluções, whose executives are professionals from the Stock Exchange and OTC Registry and Comportamental Consultoria, whose owner is Sérgio Odilon dos Anjos, former head of the Central Bank of Brazil Regulation Department;
12Does JL Rodrigues act in M&A?
Yes, JL Rodrigues works with prospect of interested investor in acquiring institutions authorized to operate by BCB and in prospect of financial institutions interested in selling partially or totally shares or quotas of its capital. We also work in authorization process of these mergers and acquisitions in the ambit of regulatory bodies.