National Finance System Supervision

Specialized Services

National Finance System Supervision.

Administrative Pleadings and Enforcement Proceeding

Revision of Administrative decisions awarded by regulatory bodies in proceedings derived from financial institutions administrative pleadings, as preliminary measures to adopt reconsideration requests from administrative decisions;

Analysis from summons issued by regulatory bodies over irregularity attributed to institutions and directors, aiming to supply elements to formulate the first instance defense.

Revision of administrative decisions awarded in enforcement administrative proceeding conducted by the Central Bank of Brazil, Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil and the Council for Financial Activities Control (COAF) in order to supply applicable defense elements to the administrative appeals which shall decide, in last administrative level, by the Financial System Appeal Council (CRSFN);

Analysis and negotiation of Termo de Compromisso and Acordo Administrativo em Processo de Supervisão (Commitment Statement and Administrative Agreement in Supervision Proceeding) related to legal and regulatory penalties that govern the National Finance System, Collective sharing financing system (consórcio) under the Central Bank of Brazil supervisory power.

Application of the best practices for inspection by the regulatory bodies;

Definition of the accounting practices, in the developing of products and services, with emphasis on accounting rules, mostly in those which are issued by BCB (COSIF);

Interpretation of the new rules issued by regulatory bodies, with analysis of accounting and tax impact;

Diagnose analysis between the accounting GAAPS (IFRS/USGAAP to BRGAAP), describing the actions that shall be taken to adopt the other GAAPS;

Implementation of the accounting statements in IFRS;

Implementation of solutions, striving for minimizing the tax and regulatory impacts;

Analysis from accounting procedures, aiming suggestion/implementation of improvements;

Tax Consulting.